Dong Ha City

In General

Dong Ha City is the political, economical, cultural and social centre of Quang Tri province, located at the Highway 1A intersection connecting Hanoi capital - Ho Chi Minh City and the system of inter- asian roads to the East-West, which is linking Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and other countries in the region. The city is located at coordinate of 1600'53" - 16052'22'' north latitude, 107004'24' east longitude.

Dong Ha city includes 9 wards, according to Statistical Yearbook of Dong Ha City in 2011, the natural area was 72.95 kilometres (7295 hectares ), with the total of 84 157 inhabitants. The population density was 1,153 people / kilometre. The city is 66 kilometres away from Hue city, about 100 kilometres to Dong Hoi city and 10 kilometres to Quang Tri town.

During the Vietnam War, the town of Dong Ha was an important urban center for Khe Sanh and Lao Bao. Over the 20 - year period of construction and development, Dong Ha has achieved important results in various fields. The speed of urbanization is quite rapid and synchronous which encourages more and more spacious urban face.


5,853,750 m2
The total area of confirm hazardous areas established after survey activities.
951,199 m2
The total area of land contaminated by cluster munitions and other UXO are released.
The number of explosive ordnances including cluster submunitions, mines, and other UXO that are detected and safely destroyed.
The number turns of people who received explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) to live safely before the land was completely released.
The fact and figures in the dashboard is updated daily from the IMSMA Database managed by QTMAC/DBU

Dong Ha City

Area: 72,95 km2 (7.295 ha)
Population: 84.157  (năm 2009)
Administrative Deparment:

  • 9 phường: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Dong Giang Ward, Dong Thanh Ward, Dong Luong Ward, Dong Le Ward

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