Quang Tri Town

In General

Being located along Thach Han River Delta, Quang Tri Town is about 60km from the ancient Hue to the north, surrounded by Trieu Phong district on the west and the north , Hai Lang district on the east and Đakrông and Hai Lang district on the south . Quang Tri Town has the natural area of 7402.78 hectares, population numbered at 22 760 people with 5 administrative units.

Quang Tri town topography is divided into two distinct areas. The mountainous south area is covered by forest with rich ecosystems. The Delta north land is relatively flat, which is favorable for growing rice and perennial fruit crops. Thach Han river and Vinh Dinh flowing through the town form the system of waterway connecting Quang Tri Town to Cua Viet , Hoi Yen, Dong Ha, Quang Tri Town to Thuan An (Hue City) ... Simultaneously , the two rivers flowing into the heart the town has contributed to the beautiful scenery, the cool climate during summertime and raise the silt level to the fields in rainy season.

During the Vietnam war, Quang Tri Town became the main confrontational battleground between the two sides with the historical epic battle lasted 81 days and nights. Battle of Quang Tri Citadel was an attack between the Vietnam People's Armed Forces and the National Front for the Liberation of the South Vietnam and a side of Republic of Vietnam Military force and the US Army at Quang Tri Citadel in 1972. This is one of the most fierce battle during Spring Summer 1972 Campaign, a period of Vietnam War. The number of US military bombs rained down here is equivalent to seven atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in 1945.


5,414,334 m2
The total area of confirm hazardous areas established after survey activities.
7,127,436 m2
The total area of land contaminated by cluster munitions and other UXO are released.
The number of explosive ordnances including cluster submunitions, mines, and other UXO that are detected and safely destroyed.
The number turns of people who received explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) to live safely before the land was completely released
The fact and figures in the dashboard is updated daily from the IMSMA Database managed by QTMAC/DBU

Quang Tri Town

Area: 74 km2 (7.400 ha)
Population: 22.760  (năm 2010)
Density: 308 people/km2