Trieu Phong District

In General

Trieu Phong district lies on the east - south part of Quang Tri, with geographical coordinates as 16048' – 16054' north latitude; 107012'-1080,18' east longitude, having many critical traffic routes passing through, that are : National road 1A; Provincial Highway 580 connecting Highway 1A  to Cua Viet ports; provincial highway 581 from  1A national way passes through the town by two south communes ; then Hai Lang and Thua Thien Hue. Natural area is of 353.04 km2, including 18 communes and one town. The district has the population of 107 817 people (as measured last time on 31/12/2009), accounting for approximately 16.8% of the population of the whole Quang Tri province. Ai Tu town is considered as political, economic and cultural center of the district community. Trieu Phong is 7 km  from Dong Ha City to the south , about 6 km from Quang Tri Town 6 km to the north. Trieu Phong terrain includes mainly  coastal plain, with a little low hilly area ent Trieu Thuong and Trieu Ai on the west, the east terrain is mainly  white sand dunes. Trieu Phong natural area is of 354.92 km². The last part of Thach Han river is flowing to Cua Viet seaport, located in the district, with the geographic location as:  

  - Dong Ha city and Gio Linh on the north border
  - The south is reaching Hai Lang district and Quang Tri town
  - West borders are Cam Lo district and Đakrông
  - The south part is neighboring with the south china sea, with a coastline of 18 km

Trieu Phong terrain is inclined from west to east, divided into 3 specific areas: hilly, sandy plains and coastal areas. Hilly area is accounting for 51.08% hilly areas of natural land including Trieu Thuong Commune, Trieu Ai and part of Trieu Giang. This land was favourable for the development of industrial crops, timber trees combined with farm plants, food crops and farm economy development.

Over the two wars for great  the nation, this land has witnessed many events, where converged nostalgia and  pity to the national blood bone. The beloved Trieu Phong land  has left countless miracles in the name of land and village in  years of war and peaceful renovation period.


71,801,420 m2
The total area of confirm hazardous areas established after survey activities.
67,523,432 m2
The total area of land contaminated by cluster munitions and other UXO are released.
The number of explosive ordnances including cluster submunitions, mines, and other UXO that are detected and safely destroyed.
The number turns of people who received explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) to live safely before the land was completely released.
The fact and figures in the dashboard is updated daily from the IMSMA Database managed by QTMAC/DBU

Trieu Phong District

Area: 353.04 km2 (35,304 ha)
Population: 107,817 (2009)
Administrative division:
1 town: Ai Tu
18 communes: Trieu Ai, Trieu An, Trieu Dai, Trieu Do, Trieu Dong, Trieu Dong, Trieu Giang, Trieu Hoa, Trieu Lang, Trieu Long, Trieu Phuoc, Trieu Son, Trieu Tai, Trieu Thanh, Trieu Thuan, Trieu Thuong, Trieu Trung, Trieu Van, Trieu Trach.